Talk at architecture and design, aalborg university, 18.10.07

Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Ph.D., assistant professor, department for design, aarhus school of architecture.

Educated as an architect from aaa in 2000. Been involved in teaching and research at aaa, A&D, daimi, cavi and interactivespaces.

Partner in the architecture bureau kollision since 2000.

The talk on interaction design is structured around a number of different interfaces that in various ways expolit physicality. These interfaces fall within the area of play, lesuire and learning. The examples, developed within different institutions, are presented through the projectDiagram. Each mapping ID# refers to the project's ID in the diagram - these can be typed in in the ID#-tab in the projectDiagram. An in-depth manual on operating the diagram is available here.

On interaction design

“Interaction design is design of the acts that define intended use of things.”

And further:

“Interaction design is product- and systems design where computational technology
is a basic design material.”

(Interaction Design - foundations, experiments. Hallnäs and Redström, 2006)

On context

The positivist theory is derived from the rational, empirical, scientific tradition and usually ends up in quantitative results:

“…, positivist theories seek objective, independent descriptions of social phenomena, abstracting from the detail of particular occasions or settings, often in favour of broad statistical trends and idealized models”.

And further the phenomenological theory is subjective and qualitative:

“…; in this view, social facts are emergent properties of interactions, not pre-given or absolute but negotiated, contested and subject to continual processes of interpretation and reinterpretation.”

(What we tak about when we talk about context. Dourish, 2004)


Developing concepts of interaction
[mapping ID# 34]: playful Interaction, developed at cavi and workspace.
[mapping ID# 11]: augmented table, developed by alo.
[mapping ID# 16]: shelfSlider, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 4]: cubeSearch, developed at interactivespaces.


Floor Interfaces
[mapping ID# 5]: iFloor, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 7]: floorQuest, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 2]: storySurfer, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 9]: MultiLightTracker, developed at interactivespaces.


Mobile Interfaces
[mapping ID# 13]: eMote, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 6]: mixis, developed at interactivespaces and pervasive healthcare.
[mapping ID# 24]: mixis multiuser, developed at interactivespaces & pervasive healthcare.
[mapping ID# 72]: mobileAcc, developed alo.


Public Participation
[mapping ID# 47]: havnen på spil, developed at kollision.
[mapping ID# 50]: okay, developed at kollision.


Sound Interfaces
[mapping ID# 1]: bibPhone, developed at interactivespaces.
[mapping ID# 0]: byensStemmer, developed at kollision.
[mapping ID# 68]: i Bølgen blå, developed at kollision.



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