Talk at the School of Architecture Aarhus, 26.04.05

Who am I?

Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Ph.D.-student, architect maa
Department of Design, School of Architecture Aarhus
InteractiveSpaces, ISIS Katrinebjerg
Project: Space as Interface

Graduated as architect from the School of Architecture Aarhus, Department of Communication Design 2000.
Been involved in teaching and research projects at aaa, a&d, daimi og cavi.

deals with the emergence of pervasive computing in our surrounding space that contains both physical and virtual proporties. Interacting with these environments require a new way of understanding the relation between space and technology. To me interactions should not only be limited to simple displays but be a part of and take place in the space, and in that way using the space as the interface. This is done by combining the spatial and technological properties with the user as an interacting device – speaking to, gesturing with, moving in and touching the surrounding space. That way our interactions with technology gets a closer relation to the environments they are applied to.

How to deal with this field?

Multidisciplinary teams

No right answers - Few good answers - Tons of bad answers


User centered design

New methods for gathering user requirements

Participation vs. pushing

[Virtual Public Space] [Mission from Mars] [Helsinge]


Focus on exchange/feedback

Explore the relation between physical and digital space

Social implications - e.g. Martin Ludvigsen

Interactions vs. appearance

[I/O Brush] [Navigation] [eMote3D] [iFloor]


Bring space back to the design of interactive systems

Think systems as potentially open

Focus on relations

Focus on infrastructures

[Missing Link] [re:form]


Be aware of surveillance vs. sensors

Design for meaning in use

Think in new I/O's both high-tech and low-tech

[gelForce] [3D Laser Tracking] [cube search]


Work towards a proof of concept

[Speech navigation] [Speech house] [Mixis]



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