This is a proposal for the name to a national network for digital art and culture. It aim at artists, institutions of culture, IT researchers and innovative companies related to digital art and culture.
My proposal "pölse" is danish for sausage however spelled with ö instead of the dansih character ø to give the ultimate international touch. My proposal is followed by a poster clearly showing how pölse or sausage is a perfect term for all the different domains in the network.

The proposal gets the special price for the best arguments, design and lay-out and is only beaten by the winning proposal "dared". The jury writes about pölse - "The competitions' most glocal debating and aesthetically confident proposal".

I would like to acknowledge martin ludvigsen and jesper nielsen for their help and believe in me during the development of this sausage project.

See images from the proposal to the left or the entire pölse poster here (1.4mb)

Read more about the dared network here