This short demo paper was submitted and accepted at the ubicomp 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. The paper - Mixed Interaction Spaces – a new interaction technique for mobile devices - describes a range of applications build on top of the MIXIS concept. The demos include multi-user interaction, face-tracking interaction and other single user applications. concept and software. The paper is written by Thomas Riisgaard Hansen, Eva Eriksson and I.

In this paper, we describe a new interaction technique for mobile devices named Mixed Interaction Space that uses the camera of the mobile device to track the position, size and rotation of a fixed-point. In this demonstration we will present a system that uses a hand-drawn circle, colored object or a person’s face as a fixed-point to determine the location of the device. We use these features as a 4 dimensional input vector to a set of different applications.

A poster describing the concept and the different applications is available in pdf here

Read the entire paper in pdf here